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10 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

Star Wars hairstyles are not just a simple way to keep hair off the face, but are iconic looks that have become synonymous with the beloved franchise. From Princess Leia’s famous cinnamon buns to Padmé Amidala’s elaborate braided styles, these hairstyles have captured the imagination of fans around the world. Each hairstyle tells a story and adds to the character’s persona, making them instantly recognizable.

The history of Star Wars hairstyles dates back to the original trilogy, where Princess Leia’s iconic double bun hairstyle became an instant sensation. Since then, the franchise has continued to push the boundaries with creative and elaborate hairstyles for its characters. These hairstyles have become more than just a fashion statement, but a way to visually represent the unique worlds and cultures within the Star Wars universe.

One of the most memorable hairstyles in Star Wars history is the intricate braided style worn by Padmé Amidala in Attack of the Clones. This hairstyle not only added to the character’s regal appearance but also showcased the attention to detail and creativity of the hair and makeup team behind the film. The hairstyle continues to inspire fans and cosplayers alike, proving its lasting impact on popular culture.

Aside from the elaborate hairstyles worn by main characters, even background characters in Star Wars films sport unique and interesting hairstyles. These hairstyles add depth to the universe and help create a visual world that is rich in diversity and creativity. Whether it’s the bold colors of Aurra Sing’s hair or the intricate patterns of Twi’lek headtails, each hairstyle adds to the visual storytelling of the films.

Star Wars hairstyles have become more than just a part of the characters’ looks, but a symbol of the franchise’s creativity and attention to detail. Fans continue to be inspired by these iconic looks, with many incorporating elements of Star Wars hairstyles into their own everyday style. The influence of these hairstyles extends beyond the silver screen, proving that the galaxy far, far away has left a lasting mark on our own galaxy.

What are the Best Star Wars Hairstyles to Rock in Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Star Wars hairstyles are iconic and have become a major inspiration for fans looking to show off their love for the franchise. Whether you want to channel the dark side with a sleek Sith Lord braid or sport a rebellious Leia-inspired double bun, there are countless hairstyles to choose from that are out of this world.

One of the most popular Star Wars hairstyles is Princess Leia’s signature double bun hairstyle. This classic look has been imitated by fans for decades and is a fun way to pay homage to everyone’s favorite princess. Another popular choice is Rey’s triple bun hairstyle, which combines elements of Leia’s iconic look with a modern twist.

For those looking to embrace the dark side, the Sith Lord braid is a must-try hairstyle. This sleek and sophisticated look is perfect for those who want to channel their inner Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. Alternatively, the Padawan braid is a great choice for fans who want to show off their Jedi training and allegiance to the light side.

No matter which Star Wars hairstyle you choose, the key is to have fun and let your inner nerd shine. Experiment with different looks and accessories to create a style that is uniquely you. Be sure to check out our next article for a more in-depth look at how to achieve these iconic Star Wars hairstyles and tips for keeping your hair looking out-of-this-galaxy fabulous.

1. Princess Leia’s iconic double buns

One of the most recognizable hairstyles in the Star Wars franchise is Princess Leia’s double bun hairstyle. This iconic look was first introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope and has since become synonymous with the character. The hairstyle has even been replicated by fans around the world for cosplay events and themed parties.

2. Padmé Amidala’s elaborate hairstyles

Padmé Amidala, the former Queen and Senator of Naboo, is known for her elaborate and intricate hairstyles throughout the Star Wars prequel trilogy. From intricate braids to ornate headdresses, Padmé’s hairstyles perfectly complement her regal and elegant outfits, making her a style icon in the galaxy far, far away.

3. Rey’s classic three-bun hairstyle

Rey, the main protagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, sports a classic three-bun hairstyle that has become synonymous with her character. This minimalist yet iconic hairstyle perfectly reflects Rey’s no-nonsense attitude and practical nature as a scavenger on the desert planet of Jakku.

4. Queen Amidala’s bold makeup and intricate hairpieces

Queen Amidala, Padmé Amidala’s royal alter ego, is known for her bold makeup looks and elaborate hairpieces that accompany her regal and extravagant outfits. Her hairstyles often feature intricate braids, twists, and ornate accessories that make her stand out as a queen among the stars.

5. Ahsoka Tano’s unique montrals and lekku

Ahsoka Tano, a fan-favorite character from the Star Wars animated series, sports a unique hairstyle that includes two long head-tails called montrals and lekku. These appendages are not only a distinctive feature of her species, Togruta, but also serve as a functional part of her sensory system, adding a practical element to her iconic look.

6. Director Krennic’s slicked-back hairstyle

Director Orson Krennic, the ambitious Imperial officer from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, sports a sleek and sophisticated slicked-back hairstyle that perfectly complements his authoritarian personality. This clean and polished look reflects Krennic’s high-ranking status within the Galactic Empire.

7. Chewbacca’s wild and untamed wookiee hair

Chewbacca, the lovable wookiee and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, is known for his wild and untamed hair that covers his entire body. His iconic hairstyle, complete with a rugged mane and thick fur, perfectly captures his primal and loyal nature as a member of the Rebel Alliance.

8. Lando Calrissian’s suave and stylish mustache

Lando Calrissian, the charismatic smuggler and former Baron Administrator of Cloud City, is known for his suave and stylish mustache that perfectly complements his charming personality. This iconic facial hair adds a touch of sophistication to Lando’s overall look, making him a standout character in the Star Wars universe.

9. Qi’ra’s sleek and sophisticated bob hairstyle

Qi’ra, a mysterious and enigmatic character from Solo: A Star Wars Story, sports a sleek and sophisticated bob hairstyle that reflects her cunning and resourceful nature as a criminal underling in the underworld. This modern and chic look sets her apart from other characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

10. Captain Phasma’s metallic helmet and sleek chrome armor

Captain Phasma, the fearsome leader of the First Order stormtroopers, is known for her distinctive metallic helmet and sleek chrome armor that make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield. While not a traditional hairstyle, Phasma’s iconic look perfectly complements her ruthless and efficient persona as a high-ranking officer in the First Order.

What are some iconic Star Wars hairstyles?

1. Princess Leia’s iconic double bun hairstyle

2. Queen Amidala’s intricate braided hairstyles

3. Padmé Amidala’s elegant twisted hairstyles

4. Rey’s rugged triple bun hairstyle

How can I achieve Princess Leia’s double bun hairstyle?

To achieve Princess Leia’s double bun hairstyle, divide your hair into two sections and create two high buns on each side of your head. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray for a lasting hold.

Can I recreate Queen Amidala’s braided hairstyles at home?

Queen Amidala’s braided hairstyles are intricate and may require the help of a professional hairstylist to achieve. However, you can try recreating simplified versions of her braids by practicing different braiding techniques and using hair accessories for added flair.

Are Star Wars hairstyles suitable for everyday wear?

Some Star Wars hairstyles, such as Princess Leia’s double bun hairstyle, can be worn for everyday occasions with the right styling and outfit. However, other hairstyles like Queen Amidala’s intricate braids may be more suitable for special events or themed parties.


From Princess Leia’s iconic braided buns to Padmé Amidala’s elaborate and intricate hairstyles, Star Wars has showcased a wide range of unique and fantastical hair designs throughout the galaxy. These hairstyles not only serve as a form of self-expression and cultural identity for the characters, but they also play a pivotal role in the storytelling of the Star Wars universe. From symbolizing strength and leadership to representing traditional customs and beliefs, the hairstyles in Star Wars are deeply intertwined with the narrative and character development.

Furthermore, the diversity and creativity seen in Star Wars hairstyles have captured the imagination of fans worldwide, inspiring countless cosplay creations and real-life interpretations. Whether it’s Rey’s triple buns or Kylo Ren’s tousled locks, Star Wars hairstyles have become an integral part of the franchise’s visual identity. Overall, the intricate and elaborate hairstyles seen in Star Wars have not only left a lasting impact on popular culture but have also added another layer of depth and richness to the storytelling of this beloved sci-fi saga.